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“Towards an artistic revolution; art accessible to all.”

By allowing everyone to explore their creativity, develop their aesthetic sense and

to broaden our cultural horizons, art enriches our lives and promotes greater well-being. He

plays a crucial role in promoting social inclusion by providing spaces for

meeting and intercultural dialogue.

By guaranteeing equitable access to art for all, we promote a richer, more diverse and harmonious society where everyone can flourish and contribute to building a common future.

The barriers to accessing art are diverse and varied, ranging from financial constraints to geographical and cultural obstacles:

- High costs of museum tickets , art classes and supplies.

- Limited availability of institutions artistic in certain regions as well as linguistic and cultural barriers .

- The perception of the art market as elitist or inaccessible.

As a solution to these obstacles, initiatives for access to art are becoming more popular. In a

firstly we find free museums like the Carnavalet museum and the Petit Palais , free events like the Oberkampf Music Festival or the RATP prizes in the fields of music and poetry.

In our current era, that of digital technology, we are witnessing the development of innovative applications such as Artgapi and Catawiki which facilitate accessibility to the art market and which fight against prejudices in the field.

The expansion of artistic events with the globalization of biennials . Some

independent artists also contribute to making art accessible to all, as Lorem does

“the street artist who sublimates bulky items”, transforming the street into an open-air gallery.



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