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Museum night: it's not Coachella but it's fun!

Since 1999, Museum Night has been an exceptional event taking place all over Europe! Each spring, the museums open their doors for an evening and allow the public to have access to culture and exceptional free evenings.

Free night party at the Louvre

From 6 p.m. until 11 p.m. you can discover the Louvre as you've never seen it before. In a festive atmosphere, the Louvre welcomes its participants to an exceptional event! Surrounded by the masterpieces it houses, many activities await you.

To participate, register directly on the Louvre website.

A treasure hunt at the Center Pompidou

In the form of a treasure hunt specially designed for this European Night of Museums, you can solve puzzles and perhaps win rewards at the museum reception.

To do this, 5 steps await you. Alone or with others, find the works related to various themes.

Other activities are to be discovered, don't miss this great moment!

Concert at the Bourdelle Museum

On the occasion of the Night of the Museums, the internationally renowned pianist Marie-Josèphe Jude performs in duo with the flautist Raquele Magalhães for an exceptional concert.

In a romantic atmosphere with multiple statues of the famous sculptor, you can attend a wonderful free concert!

DJ set and free exhibition at the Palais Galliera!

In this exceptional place, you will not only be able to observe the superb 1997 Fashion Big Bang" exhibition for free, but also enjoy House mix music during a Dj set from the founder of Underscore_808, member of the House of Underground label, who composes around a house, electro, break beat and techno universe.

So, if techno, art and fashion speak to you, this event is for you!

As a bonus, you can attend a dance performance by the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional or let yourself be seduced by the words of students from the Ecole du Louvre offering mediation.

Find here all the Practical information .

Dance and theater at the Cernuschi Museum!

Surrounded by all the permanent works of the museum, you will have the privilege of attending the performance of the drama students of the Conservatoire at Regional Radiation of Paris.

Combining dance and theater "Miniature aux mondes" should not leave you indifferent.

So a piece of advice, go for it!



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