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Inès Hadj-Hacene: The Artistic Balance between Femininity and Power

Inès Hadj-Hacene, a painter from the south of France, returns to her roots after an enriching experience in London. Immersed in the light and bright colors of the South since her youth, she weaves into her works a subtle harmony between femininity and masculinity , offering delicate poetry to melancholy characters.

Her love for color and texture pushes her to explore various mediums and techniques. Alongside her art, she co-founded TRICE, an independent art magazine with her twin sister Sabrina in 2015. TRICE, born digital, exhibits emerging talents from the new global artistic generation. In 2020, Inès is preparing for her exhibition in Montpellier in spring 2021.

Passionate, she is expanding her influence by collaborating with renowned brands such as Paraboot and Élément skateboard in 2022, marking her entry into the world of fashion as a logical continuation of her artistic work.



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