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Coloring isn't just for kids!

Did you know that coloring had benefits?

A team of American psychologists has analyzed its impact on the brain and hold on tight, coloring would help develop creativity, stimulate personal development and increase self-confidence.

This activity would also be anti-stress, it would calm anxieties and regulate heartbeats

from the heart.

In an article by Brain&Psycho, we learn that "the researchers asked 26 people to carry out artistic activities such as coloring and measured the activity of a particular area of their brain: the medial prefrontal cortex, involved in the reward circuitry, which is responsible for the feeling of pleasure. They found that the activity of this region increased when the participants colored, drew or just let the pencil run as they wished.

Even crazier, coloring would be beneficial to slow the development of Alzheimer's disease.

Beyond its therapeutic aspect, coloring is an inexpensive activity that can be done at your own pace and almost anywhere. Practiced in a group, it can also be a good way to maintain social ties!

In short, this activity can be an opportunity to find yourself or share a good time with friends and family. With its many advantages, coloring is obviously to be practiced without moderation.

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